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Talking Leaves Books, Buffalo, New York

So next time you’re up to see the Falls (American side, of course), think about stopping for some wings, some sponge candy, and a browse through Talking Leaves Books.

After 4 freezing years in this city as an English Lit undergrad, Talking Leaves Books was my great escape to the exciting world of contemporary writing. Like most indie stores, they lack the endless supply of best selling authors, but make up for it with a selection of hidden treasures, hard-to-find masterpieces, and works that would otherwise fall off your radar. (This is were I discovered the amazing work of Howard Frank Mosher.)

Talking Leaves Books, Buffalo, NY

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  • Talking Leaves Bookstore - Step Out Buffalo

    2013 Event - Books Homegrown Series: Brian Meyer and Mark Ciemcioch unveil the latest collection of Buffalo tales. Copies available for purchase courtesy Talking Leaves Books.

    2013 Event - Books Homegrown Series: Suzanne Simon Dietz discusses her two books that celebrate local military veterans. Copies available for purchase courtesy of Talking Leaves Books.