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Some parents are afraid that teen sex education encourages their teens to have sex. A recent study in Texas, however, found that teens who took a two week sex education class became more interested in waiting until after high school to have sex; before the class 84 percent of the teens wanted to wait, and after the class 87 percent were planning on waiting. Also, before the class 60 percent of the teens said they wanted to wait until marriage to have sex, and after the class 71 percent were planning on abstaining until marriage.

Teen sex education, or teen sex ed, is important for helping teens to understand the changes in their bodies and in their relationships during the teenage years. Sex education helps teens make healthy choices about relationships and sex.

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What about teen sex education?

TeenSTAR is a developmental curriculum which uses learning one's fertility pattern to teach responsible decision-making and communication skills in the area of sexual behavior and enhances teens' self-understanding and self-esteem. Can be offered once a week in health, physical education, family life, biology or sociology class for one year.

The Teen STAR International board coordinates local teams working in countries all over the world. The daily activities take place locally, because people, languages and traditions are different. Every few years we organize an international Teen STAR congress where representatives meet.

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