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American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers


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Teens are well aware of their online reputations, and they actively curate their content and appearance on social media, . For example, 59% of teenage social media users have deleted or edited something that they posted; 53% have deleted comments from others; and 45% have removed their name from photos.

All teenagers use social media in the exact same way, surely? I mean, it’s all LOLs, YOLOs and WTFs, irrespective of the platform or who they’re connecting with.

Teenage girls use social media sites and platforms ..

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    It’s not all roses, though – one in three teens (36 percent) said that they sometimes wished they could go back to a time before Facebook. The report concludes, however, that while we should proceed with caution, teenagers and social media are, overall, a pretty good mix.

    Nine out of 10 teenagers use social media. They see it as a way to connect with one another. They share their thoughts and feelings. It gives them an outlet to express themselves and creates a sense of community.