Title: The Americans (2013– )

Rodeo — New York City, 1954 (from The Americans)  Robert Frank  hide caption

Behind the Red Door

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Rodeo — New York City, 1954 (from The Americans)


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'The Americans' Began In New York


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The Americans is coming to end. But at least not for awhile.

Oleg briefs Arkady on the American’s latest Stealth development. First the Americans were able to build submarines that you couldn’t hear, and now they have planes that you can’t see. Somehow they are building planes that aren’t picked up on radar.

Kevin Gover punctuates this point with a rueful smile. He is director of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian and a citizen of the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. The Capitol dome looms outside the windows of his fifth-floor office as he talks about the historical context of an era when Native American mascots proliferated like wildflowers.

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Phillip meets his handler Kate the next day and she fills him in on two companies that are competing to create invisible planes, well invisible to radar. She tells him that a submarine went down and they lost 160 men, it was faulty because of a propeller. The Americans intentionally planted plans to build faulty submarines knowing that the Russians would steal them. Phillip is devastated. He heads home and Elizabeth reveals that Larrick sent her the signals to get into camp. He tells Elizabeth that the plans they stole were fake and they sunk their own submarine with them.

Tonight’s episode of The Americans begins with Clarke and Martha in bed. Martha says that now that she and Clarke are together she doesn’t want to be involved in his office’s operations. Clarke tells Martha she can’t ask him to choose between his country and her.