The Black Cross King's main weapon

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What is the Anarchist Black Cross (ABC)

In his return in , the revived Black Cross King was voiced by , who previously voiced in . In his return as part of in , he was voiced by , who previously voiced in and also voicing the King's Black Cross minion, , in the movie as well.

In , the Black Cross Führer was portrayed by from the to . After this, Mitsuo Andō was replaced by from to . In the , his female human form is played by .

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    The Black Cross Führer is notable for being the original Sentai "big bad", being the boss villain of the first series, . From this, the Black Cross Führer could be considered as answer to the in the original series.

    The first Polish historical blockbuster and the most viewed Polish movie of all time, Knights of the Black Cross features battles galore, political manoeuvring, and tragic love all set against a stunning medieval backdrop. Based on a novel by Nobel Laureate Henryk Sienkiewicz, it depicts the heroic Polish campaign led by King Władysław II Jagiełło (Emil Karewicz) against an invading horde of Teutonic Knights. Devoid of anachronisms, Aleksander Ford's creation was masterfully produced as a grand and immensely popular historical epic, garnering 14 million viewers in the four years following its release.