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Boohbah: Big Windows


A list of the Boohbahs is available below.

"The Boohbah Zone" is software that extends the world of the TV show to your computer. It offers nine activities in which kids interact with the "Boohbah" characters to explore spatial relationships, matching, patterns, art, music and exercise.

Many of the activities are open-ended. Kids paint with Boohball energy trails (rainbow-colored puffy lines), influence how the Boohbahs exercise or play with patterns to create wrapping paper.

And Zhao Gu idolizes the Boohbahs.

  • Arrival of the Boohbahs. After the Boohball finishes its flight, it hits a patch of grass, in turn forming a rainbow spiral. As we follow the Boohball's path, the show's title appears, and we begin to ascend upward. We then go inside the Boohball and discover what appears to be five creatures sleeping in hammock-esque pods. As we come across each creature sleeping in its pod, the pods begin to spin around each other, and we are introduced to the Boohbahs ("Humbah - Zumbah - Zing Zing Zingbah - Jumbah - Jingbah") as children voiceovers wake them up by saying their names. When each Boohbah's name is called, its head pops up, and they move their eyes while making a clicking sound. After each Boohbah has awakened, they all struggle themselves out of their pod while expelling air. The children call out "Booh!", which in turn sends the Boohbahs out of the Boohball and into a large dome-like area called the Boohzone. They send out a coloured musical note toward the bottom of the Boohzone, which causes it to flash furiously and the Boohbahs to fly around their territory.
  • On adults, the Boohbahs have the opposite effect.

    Kids can play "The Boohbah Zone" in English, Spanish and French, and it comes with a 28-inch round play mat that mimics the one used on TV. The software also comes with two sets of game cards that help kids continue learning when they're away from the computer.

    Parents may need to encourage children to copy the movements of the Boohbahs. If your children like the "Boohbah" TV show, they probably will enjoy the software. To find out without spending a cent, check out similar interactive activities posted on the "Boohbah" Web site at .