"Motherless Brooklyn" by Jonathan Lethem

The Broker: A Novel


Ok everyone! “The Broker” is live at SHG and TBFE.

The Shadow Broker's identity is unknown to the general public in 2183; the Broker always operates through an agent. refers to the Broker as "he" for convenience's sake, but tells that he believes the Shadow Broker is a group of individuals: it does not seem possible for a single individual to monitor all of the available information and have such a wide sphere of influence.

At some point in its tenure, the Shadow Broker was directly responsible for the 's destruction. One of its clients wanted to embarrass the , requiring one of their more renowned frigates to be destroyed conspicuously. Hireling got to the Broker's good side, who in return tasked him with completing this job. The Broker delivered the terms to Zaeed on a holo-meeting, the majority of its features concealed but showing the massive outline of its body.

The Broker late tonight everyone.

The Broker
Appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy
Actor Christopher Fairbank

Dine inside the vault if you wish… The Broker Restaurant – Denver

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The Shadow Broker was part of the reason came to the : the data file she has proving had gone rogue put her in danger, but was too valuable to waste. She wanted to trade the information for a safe place to hide, so put her in touch with the club owner , who worked for the Broker. However, unknown to her, Fist had changed his allegiances to Saren. The Broker was furious at this treachery, hiring to assassinate Fist.