Title: The Country Bears (2002)

Sheriff Bear: BBW Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance (Bears of Pinerock County Book 1)

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Finally, they head out to find Ted Bedderhead (voiced by ), the group's lead singer and guitarist. Ted is supposedly very rich now when they find a mansion where they learn from a (who Zeb claims to look like ) that Ted is still at the local working at the wedding. After Ted has the other Country Bears members leave, Fred eventually finds out that he is nothing more than a wedding singer as he sings "." Ted is knocked out by Fred and forcefully dragged onto the bus. Meanwhile, Officer Cheets and Officer Hamm return to the Bearingtons and set up equipment to prepare for when the Country Bears call in their "demands."

Then, they approach Tennessee O'Neal (voiced by ), the one-string guitar player, who is reluctant because he wants nothing more than to make up with his ex-girlfriend Trixie St. Claire, the band's keyboard player. At a restaurant, the Country Bears meet a () who is working to become a singer as she sings her upbeat version of "Kick It Into Gear." Afterwards, a news bulletin is seen on television as a TV reporter () does a story where the Country Bears and Roadie have "kidnapped" Beary. After being chased by Officer Cheets and Officer Hamm through a car wash, the Country Bears stop at a motel where Beary learns that Trixie St. Claire (voiced by ) is performing at the motel's bar. Beary tells Tennessee about it and he goes in to reunite with her where they sing "Can Love Stand the Test" together. She comes with the band to their reunion.

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    The Country Bears learn that Ted had been doing weddings and birthday parties as he mentions that the "gardener" they met was actually Elton John and that he rented a room over Elton John's garage. Zeb claims Ted to be the reason for the breakup, but Ted claims he held them together and no one was grateful, as the other members were all busy drinking honey (a habit of Zeb), blubbering (a habit of Tennessee), and staring into space (a habit of Fred). Beary reminds them that they claimed each other to be family, but Ted claims it to be meaningless publicity. Beary realizes the real meaning of family and returns home.

    After various petty arguments, the Country Bears read Beary's school essay about them and they realize that Beary was right and decide that they must do the concert. Reconciling with Beary, Ted assures him that they do the concert with him. But Reed Thimple kidnaps the rest of the Country Bears and steals the bus. Dex suggests that they use part of Beary's tracking device to find them. Reed Thimple reveals to the Bears that he is really Benny Boggswaggle and is wreaking his vengeance on the bears for stealing his one chance at fame. Beary, his family, and Ted track down and rescue the band and head to the concert together.