How did you discover the Earth Diet?

The Earth Diet: Your Complete Guide to Living Using Earth's Natural Ingredients

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Foods for vitamin c - The Earth Diet

Why do I love The Earth Diet? Because it is the way that I eat! A diet rich in whole foods from the earth is the diet I chose to heal my body of cancer in 2004, and it saved my life.

Also, even though The Earth Diet comes out today, I pulled a few strings so my readers can still take advantage of the pre-launch package deal, which includes…

The Earth Diet BOOK AVAILABLE NOW - Home

The Earth Diet BOOK AVAILABLE NOW - Home

In our interview we talk about the origin and principles of The Earth Diet, how Liana and her mother both used The Earth Diet to heal from cancer, and much more. Enjoy!

iana Werner-Gray, an Australian-born beauty queen, actress and environmentalist, lectures worldwide on healthy eating and is supported by a corps of nutrition coaches. Her book, The Earth Diet, describes a nature-based eating and lifestyle plan that has helped thousands realize greater vitality, harmony and peace.