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And that's the thing that Edwards is doing in the first Pink Panther movie, too, is bringing this cool elegant detective who had no idea how unworldly he actually is. At the end, we remember, too, he ends up in jail; he's tricked by everybody.

SIMON: That's right. I mean we heard that clip from the first Pink Panther, and you could understand Peter Sellers. It was a very mild French accent, but my memory is, in those later ones...

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SIMON: Let's play a clip from the first Pink Panther, if we can. And in this scene, it's Inspector Clouseau played by Peter Sellers, of course, visiting David Niven and a very young Robert Wagner in their jail cell. Now, Inspector Clouseau suspects that they have taken the Pink Panther diamond.

In the original Pink Panther movie, the main focus was on David Niven's role as Sir Charles Lytton, who is the infamous jewel thief, The Phantom, and his plan to steal the Pink Panther from its owner. The Inspector Clouseau character played essentially a supporting role as Lytton's incompetent antagonist, and provided slapstick comic relief to a movie that was otherwise a lighthearted crime drama. The popularity of Clouseau caused him to become the main character in subsequent Pink Panther films which were more slapstick comedy movies with very little of the sophistication displayed in the first Pink Panther film.