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I think there are maybe two plots in this entire book, the plot of the murder and the plot of the Lying Games. Just having two plots isn't substantial enough to satisfy readers -- we want multiple things going on. In Shepard's Pretty Little Liars series, there are four narrators, and each narrator has two or more subplots in and of themselves. That's over eight overall plots arcing throughout the series. The Lying Game books have three total, one for the overall series and two for each individual book. I feel like Shepard needs to add some more beef to this series to show its true potential.

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The popularization of gamebooks began in the seventies, spearheaded by several developments in the English-speaking world. The Tracker series of gamebooks, possibly the first gamebooks to be published as a series, featured interactive adventures covering a range of genres. Twelve titles were released in the United Kingdom during the period ranging from 1972 to 1980. Aimed at older children, they can be considered a precursor to the more popular series.