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For both the good and evil list, I also asked myself thequestion, "With whom would I least like to be in a room,and with whom would I most like to be in a room?"

If a good act is done today, the result may come at once, or after many years. God never punishes the wicked, nor rewards the virtuous. He shines like the impartial sun equally upon the heads of the sages and the sinners. It is our own acts that bring the results, either in the form of reward, or punishment. When we understand clearly the law of cause and sequence, or of action and reaction, we cease to blame God, or any other extra-cosmic creator of evil. Then we do not say that evil has been interpolated from without. If we know that all the forces of nature, both physical and mental, are but so many expressions of one eternal Energy or Divine will, which is far beyond the relative good and evil, then we do not see good and evil in the universe. On the contrary, we find everywhere the expression of that Divine will. The nature of an effect must be the same as that of a cause, because effect is nothing but the manifested state of the cause, and if the cause of the universe be one eternal, divine Energy, then the universe, as a whole, can be neither good nor evil.

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A DEWDROP AWAY finds its strength in the plot. While the story does feel truncated at times, the overall idea is very strong and the morals it presents are worth reading. The little details Allen adds to depict this fantasy world are charming and work with the underlying themes of good and evil. The plot of A DEWDROP AWAY, though rich in detail and character, is hampered by the way the story is cut into three separate parts. Each part has enough of an arc that, with some additions, it could stand alone as its own novel. The way they stand now, each part has so much potential but feels like it needs more time to develop. More than once Allen cuts out just as an exciting scene is about to start and cuts back in hours later where the characters casually mention the action and resolution. It’s an odd choice that leaves the reader feeling a little let down.

Those who do not recognize the results of acts from different standpoints are liable to all kinds of error. If I judge the whole universe by my standard, my judgment will be very poor. But when I look at things from the various standpoints, I can understand how the same event can produce good and evil in relation to different conditions. Every mistake we make becomes a great teacher in the long run. Thus evil has its good side, and good has its evil side. Therefore good and evil go hand in hand. But ordinarily, wherever we find a preponderance of good over evil, we designate it good and the opposite as evil.