(The first book in the House of the Scorpion series)

The House of the Scorpion


Describing Maria at age 12. The House of the Scorpion-Nancy Farmer.

The dystopian archetype was present but it was buried under the complex and thought provoking issues, the unpredictable plot and original ideas. So many times I've picked up a dystopian novel to discover it a clone (pardon the pun :P) of many others. The House of the Scorpion was one of the most unique and chilling dystopian stories I've come across!

my grandma an me both read this book and i loved it!!! we both want a sequal to happen, but i have resd jurassic park but yu are the best arthour,oh yeah i can't put the house of the scorpion down this is the third time i'm reading it! and for an idea in the sequal do 14-20 and let matt get maria.
your big fan Garrettt

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Title: The House of the Scorpion
Author(s): Nancy Farmer
ISBN: 1-4395-2874-8 / 978-1-4395-2874-7 (USA edition)
Publisher: Paw Prints
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   

The House of the Scorpion - possible discussion questions

Mrs. Nancy Farmer,
I quite loved your book The House of the Scorpion( and many others). I have the up-most interest on the sequel to The House of the Scorpion and lots of people have questioned you probably but, do you have any ideas of when you will publish it? I know how long it takes a writer to do this kind of work and I know how busy you are. So, if you have the time to answer my question, I would be most grateful. Thank you for your kind consideration. I hope you continue to be successful!

Thanks again! :)

I am SO excited. The House of the Scorpion was my favorite book, and I've read it more than any book I won. Knowing there will be a sequel has made my week!