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The Jolly Postman books have been around for many years and have entertained children throughout many of those years, myself included. I loved reading my sisters Jolly Postman book and knew that it would be a great favourite to my own daughter. When I saw the exact same book I had being sold once again, I had to pick it up for her even though she is not quite two yet - I just couldn't pass up the opportunity (and I really wanted to read it myself once more to bring back memories!)

The Jolly Postman books have been around for quite a while now, years infact, they have entertained many of children including myself. I remember being fasinated with the book, that it had lots of different things to keep me entertained and amused. I have two children of my own but at the ages 6 and 4, I feel that they are too young to really appercaite it at the moment, but when they are a little older, I cant wait to share this book with them.

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  • The Jolly Postman book is an absolute delight to read. So nicely put together. We have the Christmas one too which is equally as magical.

    • Ooh, I didn’t know there was a Christmas version. Will have to hunt it down, thanks for letting me know🙂

  • The Jolly Postman, Or, Other People's Letters ..

    The Jolly Postman books are ideal for the introduction of letter writing in English lessons. By using this text in the classroom there is an opportunity to open the discussion of why people send letters and the technique for writing a good letter. As well as letters, this book also encourages children to explore how to write catalogues, cards and short stories which are introduced when the Postman delivers letters to the Witch, Goldilocks and Cinderella.

    Everyone's favourite postman is now 20 years old and celebrates with a brand new cover look. The Jolly Postman books have won The Children's Book Award, The Emil/Kurt Maschler and The Kate Greenaway Medal.