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The Knot Fairy is a free-spirited fantasy picturebook, about a fairy that visits sleeping children to tie knots in their hair. The pink, purple, and sepia-hued color illustrations by artist Kristi Bridgeman add a delightful touch to this warm-hearted story meant to be shared with young people right before bedtime. "So, if your hair goes this way and that ... / and you're thinking of hiding it under a hat... / just look in the mirror and shout with glee, / "It looks like the Knot Fairy visited me!" An audio CD of the story read aloud by author and educator Bobbie Hinman, as well as an original "Fairy Song", complements this fanciful title.

Did you ever wake up in the morning and wonder how your hair had become such a tangled mess of knots? Are you a mother or father that battles with your child every morning just to get the comb or brush through their hair? If so, this is a book that you will truly appreciate. The Knot Fairy, dressed in her pajamas and fuzzy slippers, and of course showcasing tangled hair, is always up to no good – her one and only mission is to tangle children’s hair while they sleep. So, now that you have the answer to your morning wonders, assuming that you believe in fairies, all that is left to do is read this book! The simple and humorous verses make this a great read-aloud, and will have children of all ages enchanted. The watercolor illustrations, by Kristi Bridgeman, compliment the whimsical writing beautifully with hidden humor of their own. Included in the book is a CD of Bobbie Hinman reading the story, along with a sweet original song about the Knot Fairy – which is sung to a tune everyone knows, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

5 Ways to Eliminate Fairy Knots

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