You are the last child in this world

The Last Child: A Novel


The discovery of the last child in the woods

Traveling the wilderness between innocence and hard wisdom, between hopelessness and faith, The Last Child seems ripped from the headlines, leaves all categories behind and establishes John Hart as a writer of unique power.

Stricken as a 14-month-old child before the advent of vaccines, Pam became the national symbol of the struggle against the disease in 1959 when, at the age of nine, she became the March of Dimes national polio poster child. Her likeness was on millions of billboards and publications and she toured the country, meeting politicians, celebrities, and journalists and helped to raise millions of dollars to help eradicate the disease. Ironically, the vaccines were so effective (although too late for Pam) that she would be the last poster child to represent polio.

Fallout Who- The Last Child of Gallifrey

The Last Children of Schewenborn
German edition cover
Author Gudrun Pausewang
Country Germany
Language German
Genre Drama
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback and paperback)

The Last Child in the Woods - April 22, 2012

“The Last Poster Child” explores the triumphant life of Pam Henry—polio survivor, pioneering broadcast journalist, and devoted advocate for those with disabilities.

John Hart has three great passions: his family, his writing, and the protection of open spaces. He lives in Virginia with his wife and two daughters, and is already writing his sixth novel, a sequel to The Last Child.