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I really liked where Karen took me in The Last Time I Saw Her. At times I was scared and worried, other times I felt a glimmer of happiness and hope. It's a difficult road to navigate for Charlotte and Michael given their circumstances, and I think Karen took them each to where they needed to be in the best way possible. I love how the characters worked through things and the obvious feelings they have for one another (even if one of them is ghost). The tension of good vs. evil, and the anticipation of what could possibly happen had me on edge through out! I have grown very attached to Charlotte and Michael in this series, and I felt like I was taking this journey right along with them. Charlotte and Michael are strong characters with dynamic personalities who are a very appealing heroine and hero!

The Last Time I Saw Her is a unique, fascinating read and Karen gives us a glimpse into the twisted minds of serial killers, the psychologist who studies them, and the ghost who haunts her in the best way possible.

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The Last Time I Saw Her is not a stand alone book, the whole series builds up nicely to this finale. Very well written, easy to follow and well paced, The Last Time I Saw Her is a five star read for me that I'd recommend to any romantic suspense/paranormal reader!

*** Naturally, Ms. Robards uses this fact to goad Charlie into finally believing that Michael, as he had claimed a thousand times, was innocent. After all, other than the different color of their eyes, this stranger who was Michael’s double could have very well been the killer all along. In spite of this being part of the main plot in THE LAST TIME I SAW HER, there is much, much more to this than just trying to prove Michael’s double being the real serial killer.