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Trevor Reznik, The Machinist. (Christian Bale)

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The Machinist, Brad Anderson, 2004

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The Machinist

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The Machinist (Brad Anderson) Christian Bale

Trevor Reznik. Christia Bale lost 62 pounds for the role of Trevor. Wallpaper and background images in the The Machinist club tagged: christian bale the machinist trevor reznik.

While the foregoing were primarily the materials that a machinist would be cutting, the cutters that the machinist uses must be harder and tougher than the materials to be cut. The materials in the cutters a machinist uses are most commonly , , , , and .

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You are either going to love this film or hate this film, but I don't see why anyone wouldn't choose the latter. I fully believe this film to be a masterwork in every possible way. Christian Bale gives the performance of his career in my opinion, as Trevor Reznik, a man who has literally not slept in over a year, because his body is incapable of it. All that is left on him is skin and bones. Once tragic events begin to occur, he starts to vision a man, who really doesn't exist, who serves a purpose as to why these events are happening. The conclusion will absolutely blow your mind. The direction is very unique, the writing is perfect, and the story is impeccably visioned. "The Machinist" is a film that I shall not forget!

1) Calculate dimensions and tolerances using knowledge of mathematics and instruments such as micrometers and vernier calipers.

2) Machine parts to specifications using machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, shapers, or grinders.

3) Measure, examine, and test completed units in order to detect defects and ensure conformance to specifications, using precision instruments such as micrometers.

4) Set up, adjust, and operate all of the basic machine tools and many specialized or advanced variation tools in order to perform precision machining operations.

5) Align and secure holding fixtures, cutting tools, attachments, accessories, and materials onto machines.

6) Monitor the feed and speed of machines during the machining process.