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Once Upon a Summer

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Barney: Once Upon A Dino Tale

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I will repeat the question once

The birth of the ONCE in 1938 was made possible by the confluence of a series of historical and social factors, resulting in a unique, member-based organization that is unequalled anywhere else on Earth. A delicate moment in the history of Spain and the courage of a group of men and women who refused to be marginalized by society and asserted their many abilities are two of the key elements that contributed to the founding of the ONCE.

Self-reliance, educational services, job normalization and universal accessibility are some of the elements that comprise the ONCE service structure.

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    The everyday kindness of Spanish society provides the essential financial support to this institution, which Spaniards claim as their own. It is the purchase by Spaniards of the Cupón and other games of chance sold by the ONCE that make its existence possible. The ONCE, through its Foundation, allocates part of its proceeds to other groups for the disabled.

    Ed Helms: The hard part is finding the voice. Over time, it was kind of an evolution working with [director] Chris Renaud, and he kind of pushed me and pulled me and shaped the old Once-ler. And then the hard part was actually, each time I came in for a recording session, which might a month apart, [was] re-getting there again.