(Book 21 in the Phantom Stallion series)

Secret Star (Phantom Stallion #19)


the ninth book in the phantom stallion series a novel by terri farley

I appreciate that you took the time to answer some fan questions and delve into the Phantom Stallion series even more because, quite frankly, it happens to be a favorite of mine. A series about Jake's life tracking is a cool notion. Also, it would gain much popularity as Jake Ely is the most popular character by far.

The author, Terri Farley, must be a really good writer, because whenever Sam is mad at someone else in the book, usually Linc Slocum, i'm mad at them too! Each book features a different horse and a new problem or threat to Zanzibar's herd. (Zanzibar is Sams secret name for the Phantom, the wild horse she befriends.) Read throughout the series as foals get born, people get arrested, Sam saves slaughterbound horses, and SO MUCH MORE!! Here are some captions from the backs of some of the Phantom stallion series:

2006 book 21 in the phantom stallion series a novel by terri farley

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    4 Oct 2014

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    Just a short one-shot about an idea that popped into my head. Sam and Jake are in college. Sam is stressed over her homework and Jake helps her calm down. OOC

  • 2004 book 11 in the phantom stallion series a novel by terri farley

    The Phantom Stallion series features a total of twenty-four books written by Terri Farley, the first being and the last . The series follows the adventures of Nevadan teenager Samantha "Sam" Forster and her horse The Phantom. Along with her friends Jake and Jen, Sam fights horse rustlers, saves mustangs, and tries to survive high school.

    A greedy neighbor, Linc Slocum, wants the wild stallion for himself and is prepared to do anything to get him. Find out what will happen to Sam and her long lost Blackie in the Phantom Stallion Series by Terri Farley.