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May We Make Them Proud Pt. 1

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The Proud Family Movie

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The Proud Family Movie is the only DVD in the series to date.

Loved The Proud Family movie the first time you saw? Then you'll want to check out the extended alternate ending on the DVD! It totally changes the outcome of the flick, so check it out and see which ending you like best. The DVD also includes short clips from animated series and hosted by Penny.

Based on the hit Disney Channel series, The Proud Family Movie details the exploits of the eponymous clan - 14-year-old Penny (Kyla Pratt), twin siblings BeBe and CeCe (Tara Strong), father Oscar (Tommy Davidson), mother Trudy (Paula Jai Parker), and grandmother Suga Mama (Jo Marie Payton) - and follows their efforts at defeating a mad scientist bent on world domination. The Proud Family Movie has been infused with a low-rent animation style that immediately proves a test to one's patience, as the movie boasts a subpar, downright unpleasant look that makes even the shoddiest Saturday morning cartoon look masterful by comparison. The viewer's efforts at looking past the egregiously incompetent visuals are consistently hampered by the absurdly simplistic sensibilities of the screenplay, which - in addition to requiring four writers (!) - has been equipped with some of the hoariest clichés and stereotypes that one could possibly imagine. It consequently goes without saying that there's not a single likable figure in the bunch, as the Prouds have been infused with aggressively sassy characteristics that are obnoxious and flat-out offensive (ie there are plenty of forced, eye-rolling references to "playas" and "shorties.") And while it does seem possible that fans of the show (are there any?) might find something here to embrace, The Proud Family Movie's bottom-of-the-barrel modus operandi ensures that it remains an entirely worthless endeavor for the duration of its interminable running time.

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    The Proud Family Movie: When Penny and her family are invited on a cruise ship, they learn it's a plot by the evil Dr. Carver (Hall) who wants Oscar's secret to his new Proud Snack. Since Oscar won't reveal, Dr. Carver sends peanut-shaped clones of Penny, Oscar, Trudy, Bebe & Cece, Suga Mama, Bobby, and Puff to wreak havoc back home.

    No one’s going to see The Proud Family Movie to see Sticky, but he might as well grow up cute, and Tristan Wilds fits the bill nicely. (I love Michael B. Jordan as much as you do, but let’s be honest, he’s going to be the next and hopefully the first black Spiderman; he’s way beyond childhood best friend roles now.)