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2. All Hail Big Papi. OK, perhaps he's not the deepest thinker in Boston. David Ortiz' quote after his game-winning home run for the Red Sox on Monday: "You've got to do what you've got to do. Like I said before, the worst thing that can happen is the pitcher getting you out." But Ortiz is not one of our great orators, he is one of our great hitters. His three-run homer in the ninth gave the Scarlet Stockings a 9-8 win over the Indians, keeping Boston in first place in the AL East, one game ahead of the idle Yankees. It was the second walk-off hit in three days for Ortiz, and fifth of the season. It was also his 12th in four seasons, tops in the bigs during that span. His 37 home runs and 105 RBI lead the majors.

Your students will LOVE this mentor text about a young girl during the American Revolution! This short text engages the students and leads to wonderful critical thinking. These activities that accompany The Scarlet Stockings Spy are based on Common Core skills.

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Belle seemed to get over her hurry and to find time for occasional relaxation, but one never knew in what mood he might find her, for the weathercock was not more changeable than she. Lennox liked that, and found the muffin-worries quite endurable with this sauce piquante to relieve their insipidity. Presently he discovered that he was suffering for exercise, and formed the wholesome habit of promenading the town about three P. M.; Kate said, to follow the scarlet stockings.

Praise and honor he could not fail to win, and had he never gone back to claim his bounty he would have earned the great "Well done," for he kept his oath loyally, did his duty manfully, and loved his lady faithfully, like a knight of the chivalrous times. He knew nothing of her secret, but wore her blue ribbon like an order, never went into battle without first, like many another poor fellow, kissing something which he carried next his heart, and with each day of absence felt himself a better man, and braver soldier, for the fondly foolish romance he had woven about the scarlet stockings.