Modern technology flies in the face of the spirit of golf’s rules

Golf and the Spirit: Lessons for the Journey


JTOG039 Capturing the Spirit of Golf in El Salvador.

The Spirit of Golf is a celebration of the most important stories in golf - your stories. Though magical moments are associated with major championships or the Ryder Cup - the very best times are found when playing with family, friends, in helping a greater cause or traveling to a bucket list course. We invite all golfers to read, share and contribute their own great memories as we all work together to enjoy the "Spirit of Golf". If you have a good story for the "Spirit of Golf" - you can contact at

The Spirit of Olympic Golf… something nobody has felt or experienced in the last 112 years… In hopes of defining the “Spirit of Olympic Golf,” I took a 100-day, 14-country, 18,471-mile to investigate, chronicle and share a combination of the Olympic Spirit and the History and Tradition of Golf. Here is my best guess on what constitutes the soon to be born again “Spirit of Olympic Golf!”

The Spirit of Golf - Adam Scott - Pt4

  • The Bold Spirit of Golf in Jamaica

    Put the Seven Principles of Golf into play with a 90-minute private playing lesson. You’ll be on the golf course receiving one-on-one instruction so you can perform at your best in a real golf setting. The Spirit of Golf Cinic is recommended, though not required, prior to the playing lesson.

    At the Spirit of Golf Clinic, you'll learn the Seven Principles of Golf, a powerful golf technique that will improve your golf game immediately. Increase your focus and concentration, relax under pressure and maximize your individual skills, resulting in better shots, lower scores and more fun.