The Three Weird Sisters of MacBeth

However, in Shakespeare’s play, we meet the three weird sisters first, and they are not so fairy-like, but far more evil:

Third Thyme's the Charm

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Least Of My Kind

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Hair Of the Frog


banquo and macbeth meet the three weird sisters for the

The three Weird Sisters: Greta Boeringer, Kathryn Elizabeth Kelly, and Tamieka Chavis with Jeff Keogh as Macbeth. in Macbeth at Chesapeake Shakespeare Company (Photo: Teresa Castracane)

Shortly after a great battle, Macbeth (Jeff Keogh), along with his colleague and friend Banquo (Jose Guzman), stumbles upon the three Weird Sisters (Kathryn Elizabeth Kelly, Tamieka Chavis, and Greta Boeringer) who predict the men’s future. Macbeth will be the Thane of Cawdor and king hereafter. Banquo will father many future Kings of Scotland.

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    Like twins pre-2004, the three weird sisters never appear apart, and they're always talking over and with each other—so we're going to consider them as a single unit. And the question of the day is this: are they simply prophets? or do they actually set the play's events in motion?

    Starting in Atlanta, Georgia, the original three Three Weird Sisters included on bass, on guitar, bodhran, and various percussion instruments, and on harp. Gwen married and moved to the UK in 2005, which left an empty place in the group filled by pianist…