I LOVE the Thomas the Train videos!

Morphological Traints of Ganoderma lucidum Complex

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The Train (1964), Theatrical Trailer, Widescreen

There have been reports of in pregnant women with sickle cell trait, or men during prolonged airflight, mild strokes and abnormalities on PET scans in children with the trait

Sickle cell trait provides a survival advantage over people with normal hemoglobin in regions where malaria is endemic. The trait is known to cause significantly fewer deaths due to , especially when is the causative organism. This is a prime example of , evident by the fact that the geographical distribution of the gene (for hemoglobin S) and the distribution of malaria in Africa virtually overlap. Because of the unique survival advantage, people with the trait become increasingly numerous as the number of malaria-infected people increases. Conversely, people who have normal hemoglobin tend to succumb to the complications of malaria.[]

The commuter train derailment injured dozens of people.

The driver of the train reveals startling details about the accident.

More maglev trains are expected to come in the areas of India, China and even the US in the future decades. The Maglev trains and Hyperloops will expectantly make mid-distance travel fast, calm and advanced.

That means that on the moment you get a accident at that speed, that ALL humans inside the train are squeezed to meatloaf and have no chance to survive it. An irresponsible development!