The Victoria Sampler - Pumpkin Patch Farm

The Victoria Sampler / Designs by Cathy Jean

Decadent Bon Bons Sampler

Too low to display

The Victoria Sampler - Tropical Garden Sampler

The Victoria Sampler's Cathy Jean has a new set of 'babies' that are framed in her miniature tart tin frames. Joining Tartlets #1 -- Woodland Babies, Tartlets #2 -- Woodland Babies #2, Tartlets #3 Woodland Birdies, and now #4 Farmyard Babies (I was getting confused between the babies and the birdies!!!!!!!) this is a precious set of designs!!! (All four leaflets are pictured on the back of this one, so THAT's what kept me straight!)

We are up to building #5 in this charming stitched Gingerbread Village! The Victoria Sampler has somehow designed the cutest miniature houses and even a tree, all garnished with 'drips' of white royal Icing, and lots of 'beaded cookies and candies!'

The Victoria Sampler - Ravenhill Herb Farm

The Victoria Sampler - Strawberry Fields

The Victoria Sampler has several new releases -- Candy Cane Cottage is just one -- and I think it is charming! Part 4 of her stitched village, this coordinates with Gingerbread Stitching House and the Church. (The tree was published in a magazine years ago and is due to be re-released for circulation next year.) Looking MUCH harder to execute than it really is... your little house is simply stitched as 5 separate pieces, and then joined together with whipped hand-stitching. (If you've ever done one of our Mona's finishing kits, this uses the same technique.)

The Victoria Sampler has released a stitched needlework case that can be displayed fully opened -- as on the leaflet cover -- or folded in half like a book. A Stitcher's Heart features matching patterns for a scissor pouch, a tiny fob, a sampler which is made into a thread pocket in this model, and a folded pin and needle case.