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Colour in Cranky from Thomas and Friends

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One of the most revolutionary steps in the show's history was in 2008 when it was announced that Thomas and Friends would be produced using computer generated imagery (CGI). The show would be produced in Canada at . Season twelve used CGI for the faces of the engines, the people, and the animals alongside the traditional model format. The first fully CGI production was the 2009 special, Hero of the Rails, directed by . This was also the first time the engines had individual voice actors since Thomas and The Magic Railroad. However, the voice actors would also act in the regular seasons.

Colour in Cranky from Thomas and Friends

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    All aboard for a roaring good time with Thomas and his friends. The engines are filled with wonder at the fantastical new sights and sounds on Sodor. Volcanoes sizzle and dinosaurs roar as ... »

    Thomas and Friends revolves around the railway engines that live on the . The show is mainly about the title character, Thomas, a cheeky little blue tank engine with six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler, and a short stumpy dome. Thomas and Friends takes place on the standard gauge and the narrow gauge . The head of the North Western Railway is , affectionately nicknamed "The Fat Controller" by the engines and staff. The Skarloey Railway is operated by , "The Thin Controller". Since the , there has been a rivalry between the steam and Diesel engines.