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The Throne of Fire (The Kane Chronicles, Book 2)


About the Book: Kane Chronicles The Throne Of Fire: Percy Jackson

A night of storm and rain, two children, Sigfried and Pollach are born. One performs the good and other one of the evil. The years happen(pass) and Pollach, the gentleman of the barbarians, struggle to death against all, to manage to discover the secrets of the THRONE OF FIRE. Vala, the daughter of the king, wishes the revenge of his(her,your) family, murdered all for Pollach. Only a hero, Sigfried, can defeat him. The director Franco Prosperi, creator of documentaries I peel such as MONDO CANE, there parodies the cinema of SWORD and FANTASY, begun by CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1981). Nothing mas to begin the movie after the birth of both children (that is weighed and slowly because it lasts almost five minutes), they show several barbarians' massacres to peoples(villages) (the same ones that SANGRAL THE SWORD OF FIRE and GUNAN THE WARRIOR). From there, up to(even) the appearance of clonico CONAN, Sigfried, it is possible to say that the movie is directed to a theatrical cheap work and badly successful. SAM RAIMI debio seeing this movie before rolling ARMY OF DARKNESS, because the sequences of the villain of shift killing to a poor villager with a cross-bow and the scene of the well of the death, are very similar. The special effects are not digital as(like) them of now, are typical Italian of the epoch of 80s '. The struggles and battles are poor enough and an evil choreographed, but tienens blood. The scenes(stages) (that are small) are the same that the used ones in ATOR THE POWERFUL ONE and SANGRAL SWORD OF FIRE. Gore are grateful for some special effects to themselves. The actors: Pietro Torrisi does well the hero's paper(role), to the style CONAN; Harrison Muller, does the villain's typical paper(role), but he recreates it very well; and SABRINA this SIANI in her sauce doing of Amazon, style ATOR, CONQUEST, SANGRALL, GUNAN ... the demas actors are the worst. The movie is bored and there stops much that to wish. In the epoch that we are this antiquated, but it is a collector's piece, together with others of TORRISI / PROSPERI: the invincible barbarian (gunan), and sangrall sword of fire.

It’s been a long time since I read The Red Pyramid, which I’m sorry to say I didn’t enjoy as much as I had expected. Hence, it was quite a period of time until I decided to read this second book, Throne of Fire. I was pleased when I started reading and found that I was enjoying it more than the first. I wasn’t sure if it was because I already had knowledge of the characters, or if it was just that it was the type of book that suited me at the time. Who knows? It was enough incentive for me to continue.

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schs More than 1 year ago
In the “Throne of Fire “, brother and sister, Sadie and Carter Kane, go on an AMAZING adventure. Sadie and Carter are Egyptian magicians who have to awaken the Egyptian sun god Ra in order to save the world. Some of the exciting things they do are break into museums, travel through the daught, and use mind-blowing magic. The setting isn’t just in one place either….. One minute they’re in Brooklyn, New York, the next they’re in Cairo, Egypt. Plus, don’t forget the countless battles through-out the daught. The main conflict in this book is really that Saide and Carter have to save the world. They have to awaken Ra because his arch enemy (Apophis, the god of chaos) is going to try to swallow the sun, and turn the world to complete chaos. They have to be very brave and go on treacherous adventures, but to see how it turns out…… read the book for yourself. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a thirst for adventure and mystery, or someone who is interested in Egyptian mythology. I state this because this book is full of adventures, spine tingling cliff hangers, and the book pretty much revolves around Egyptian mythology.

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The animated music video for the band Conan's track "Throne of Fire", off their 2016 album "Revengeance". Created by Riff Lodge Animation (artist David Paul Seymour and animator Tim Granda).

Adapted by Orpheus Collar, The Throne of Fire follows in the footsteps of The Red Pyramid, the first in the series, which was also previously illustrated by Collar.