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Book "Time and Again by Jack Finney" description:Finally on audio -- one of the most beloved tales of our time! Science fiction, mystery, a passionate love story, and a detailed history of Old New York blend together in Jack Finney's spellbinding story of a young man enlisted in a secret Government experiment. Transported from the mid-twentieth century to New York City in the year 1882, Si Morley walks the fashionable "Ladies' Mile" of Br...

From Time to Time is, after all, primarily a sequel to Finney's own Time and Again (1970), a time-travel fable that mishandled its SF element in much the same 24 Dec 2014 Book Series Wednesday: Time and Again by Jack Finney appear on Michael's blog, Windborne's Story Eatery. This week for Book Series

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Rapp_Connor More than 1 year ago
Time and Again, written by Jack Finney, was published in 1970. It is an excellent book and one of the best you will ever find in a bookstore. What was most interesting about the novel was the fact that the main character, Si, has to chose between two worlds. He travels from the twentieth century into the year 1882. He leaves his significant other to go on this government sponsored time travel project. When he arrives in 1882, he meets a woman. He must then choose whether to stay with the woman he has met in the past, or go back to living his normal life. This story was not only intriguing because of the story line, but also because of the author's great description of the past. He did a great job of making the reader feel like they are actually in the late 1800's. Time and Again by Jack Finney is not only a classic novel, but also an excellent read for all ages. 

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Time and Again Study Guide consists of approx. 57 pages of summaries and analysis on Time and Again by Jack Finney.

This study guide includes the following sections: Plot Summary, Chapter Summaries & Analysis, Characters, Objects/Places, Themes, Style, Quotes, and Topics for Discussion.

Time and Again by Jack Finney - When this came out, everyone in my family read it in a single sitting. It went viral in the Spector household before viral was a thing. Best time travel novel of all time. Don't argue with me.