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There certainly are differences in many respects - the timing, thedelivery, and obviously the duration of the shows. They are twodifferent styles from two different periods, being done under two verydifferent circumstances - Looney Tunes being made for adults intheaters and Tiny Toons being made for kids watching TV. Even so, theydid a good job making an original show with original gags AND stillpaying homage to and patterning after the comedy stylings of the oldLooney Tunes.

Since Tiny Toons had a lot more time to play with, they had somegenuine moments of great animated inspiration. You only have to look atepisodes like 1 minute to 3, the baby Plucky toilet episode.. there areso many more. For example, one of the best comedy dialog exchanges everanimated is in ThirteenSomething when Babs and Buster are on the phonein a split screen, hoping each misses the other. The miscommunicationis spectacular. Notably, the character development in this episode andin several others (usually the ones penned by Deanna Oliver or SherriStoner) is rather good. The female characters were taken seriously aspersonalities and developed, unusual considering the opposite isusually true for cartoons of that period.

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In concept, the cartoon is partly an homage to the classic Looney Tunesbut also its own original show. There are a few episodes that arestructured like the old cartoons. For example, there is a singer thatattacks Buster and so he exacts revenge on this singer's concert-exactly like the old Bugs Bunny cartoon. The ensuing cartoon issimilar to Looney Tunes, just in a different era. If you look at theold Looney Tunes, they did an awful lot of stuff exactly like TinyToons did. The old Looney Tunes made a lot of social commentary andparody. There were celebrity impersonations. There were a lot of cornyperiod jokes, slang, and dialog. The comedy was surreal and wacky. Youcan say this exactly for Tiny Toons as well. The comedy styling is'spiritually' the same. Most definitely a throwback to the classicswhich hadn't been done well (if at all) in cartoons in the decadesprior to this show. We recognize the cultural references in Tiny Toonsand we can roll our eyes when something we don't like comes up. But thereason we don't think Looney Tunes are corny is because we weren'talive back in the 40s. Also, Looney Tunes was original back in thosedays but today cartoons are rehashed over and over. So it's easy toperceive Tiny Toons in an unfair light due to our exposure to currentevents and our overexposure to cartoons in general.

We had Earthworm Jim and the Mighty Ducks (which was about ducks who played hockey and also saved the world), not to mention the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Pokemon. We had Gargoyles; we had the Tiny Toons!