DIY tent campers you can build on a tiny trailer

Teardrops and Tiny Trailers


12k HD 12ft GVWR Tiny House Trailers Start at $2799

Lastly, no conversation about tiny house trailers would be complete without talking about where you can actually park it. The answer will have to do with the specific zoning laws at play wherever it is you want to live. As these can differ from one part of a city to another, it’s important you always look into these laws before moving your home or you could be dealing with a serious fine.

Now that tiny trailers are in fashion again, there are several manufacturers making ultra-small models. Most of these are ideal for one or two people.

14K HD 12ft GVWR Tiny House Trailers Start At $3199

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Standard Features on our 10k (California MFG) Tiny House Trailers:

Throughout the year, owners of tiny trailers will gather together for rallys or gatherings, in order to show off their designs, bargains or builds. The best way to get ideas for a tiny trailer is to go to one of these trailer gatherings. You will also end up meeting a wide range of really great people.

When I started building my tiny house on wheels in June of 2012, there were no specialized tiny house trailers. I ordered from Perfection Motorsports in Richmond Vermont, and a few weeks later.