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Bleach was the top second manga series in the world for the longest time as legendary #1Naruto and #3One Piece. The Big Three. Or even hailed as the "Holy Shonen Trinity. " Bleach had a wonderful heart-gripping return as Rukia just as in the first beginning chapter gave him shinigami powers. He returns with his shinigami robes and a brand new Zangetsu (what a thing to look forward to! ). Who knows what hollow ichigo and zangetsu look now, and the epic huge getsuga tenshou for the first time in ages! How is that for a comeback! Another thing I think we should look at is what Ichigo's mask will look like now, and what his new hollow powers will hold. Is he going to join the ranks of a Vizard and gain the ability to produce his Ceros? The wonderful reality and possibilities are endless and what if Rukia finally achieves Bankai! And will Kenpachi finally see his zanpakuto...?
Let's return Bleach to it's rightful place as the top three.
And... What will happen finally, ...

We have discussed a lot of anime but we left out manga. So this list goes out to all the manga fans amongst our readers. This list features the top ten manga based on votes and number of views. No biases were involved while compiling the list so if we left any of your favorites out, please do not feel bad. You can still let us know about your favorites and opinions in the list. The manga name is followed by the original plot summary of the series. By the way, I heard that people who are die hard manga fans do not watch the respective anime. Is that true? Thank you ANN. Enjoy the read!

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    Its design and its layout are very nice. There are some criteria such as the latest updated manga, the most view manga, the original manga, the longest manga, the top rated manga and the completed manga. In each manga, the number of views and the rated stars are shown so that you can see how popular they are. It can make you decide easily which manga you should read if you have never read manga before.