Producción: Trevor Engelson y Nick Osborne.

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Meghan is married to Trevor Engelson

Production: Bigscope Films
Cast: Joe Reegan, Reiley McClendon, Matthew Holmes, Rick Ravenello, Scott Miller, Doug Tait
Director: Jabbar Raisani
Screenwriters: Jabbar Raisani, Blake Clifton
Producers: Jason Newmark, Laurie Cook, Trevor Engelson
Executive producers: Will Clarke, Ed Fraiman, Julia Godzinskaya, Andy Mayson, Josh McGuire, Adam Nagel, Jabbar Raisani, Mike Runagall, Michael Sackler, Evan Silverberg, Sophie Vickers
Director of photography: Blake Clifton
Production designer: Eddie Yang
Editors: Mike Jackson, Finnian Murray
Costume designer: Maria Hofmeyer

Composer: Theo Green
Casting: Andy Henry, Nancy Nayor

“The legacy of ‘Halloween’ is something that Trancas is very proud of, and I look forward to working together again with Bob and Dimension to continue that tradition,” said Akkad. Dunstan and Melton are repped by Paradigm, Underground’s Trevor Engelson and attorney Dave Feldman. Overseeing production for Dimension Films are EVP of Production and Creative Affairs, Matthew Signer, SVP of Production and Development and Keith Levine.

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    Meghan Markle, 33, is a season regular in the American TV show ‘Suits’. Last year, she got divorced from her husband Trevor Engelson, whom she had dated for over six years before the wedding. Since then, she has been a free agent.

    Markle married Trevor Engelson on September 10, 2011, after having dated since 2004. The couple split in May 2013.