True crime novels are always a good read

The Devil's Highway: A True Story


I wrote my senior paper on true crime novels, dude.

2. “” by Ann Rule. Ted Bundy made Ann Rule a household name. He didn’t try to kill her, no, but instead sat next to her at work. Little did she know, Ted was busy killing over 30 women. She turned her experience sitting next to the notorious serial killer into a true crime novel and then a career. To date, Ann has written over 20 true crime novels.

True crime novels have all the best elements: grisly crimes, complex characters, beautiful language, well-crafted storytelling, and the sad and sickening fact that every detail really happened. This list contains information on true crime novels, ranked from best to worst by user votes. The best true crime novels come in many forms. Some good true crime novels are about one specific crime, while other popular true crime novels are about serial killers. A few of the greatest true crime novels even give readers inside information about the mafia.

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Truman Capote detailed the 1959 killings of the Herbert Clutter family in his non-fiction novel, . Other good books featured on this top true crime novels list include, , and .

Pistone wrote a once in a lifetime eyewitness account of the Mafia world, so shadowy and mysterious to the rest of us, giving a glimpse of what it means to be a “connected guy.” No other true crime novel offers this intimate access, nor does it offer this level of suspense - as we remind ourselves that Pistone’s life was always at risk. And it’s wildly entertaining to boot!