What is the true meaning of Christmas?

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The world needs more real jihad. Enough people have seen through the with all its and . We need more people willing to take up the inner struggle of conquering their fears, integrating their shadow, rising above petty emotions and lower desires. Spread the word about the true meaning of jihad.

We were ruled by British over 300 years. In fact we have learned the language English only from our imperial rulers. The reason behind our poor understanding of the true meaning of the following terms 'medical' and 'medicinal' in fact speaks volumes and volumes about our patriotic fervor than our true love for learning the language English from our British rulers.

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The True Meaning of Christmas

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.. theTrue meaning of Christmas!! I love this just like I love the one that says Santa Claus never Died for Anyone! I am tired of commercial Christmas's....

So, next time you hear the word jihad being bandied around by clueless politicians and robotic TV presenters, remember: militant Muslims waging a holy war against non-believers is only a fraction of the term’s meaning. The true meaning of jihad is actually far larger – and there’s a whole lot of peaceful Muslims pushing for a return to this primary definition. Words have power. Changing our consciousness around this one concept jihad could have significant ramifications.