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Television (TV) has its good side

If only reading was heavily stressed back then. I didn't start reading until my 20s and I haven't stopped since. But these studies should make people think twice about TV vs reading and how much your attention span and knowledge excels. There will always be naysayers but once you find that perfect first book, there's no turning back!
When you're done with a good book, your mind is still in that universe. When you're done with a show, you're still sitting on your butt. Your brain is off as soon as the show is over.
So it's a no brainier, but someone needs motivation and moms like me got an extra pat on the back for reading to toddlers who don't even listen. I just read out loud, someone is bound to pay attention! 😜

TV likes reading!. Reading is SO much better than TV! . Wallpaper and background images in the Books to Read club tagged: tv reading books to read image.

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