Surname Umas is used at least 8 times in at least 5 countries.

Uma Thurman

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UMass is one of only two university systems .

The farm has grown to manage fourteen acres with seven acres in production each season, servicing an 80 member on-campus CSA, Earthfoods Cafe, UMass Dining Services, two Big Y Supermarkets, and the UMass Student Farmers Market. Every year sees twelve to fifteen new Student Farmers who take the lead on planning the season, working the land, and harvesting and marketing the produce.

The Stockbridge School of Agriculture provides students with a strong science based academic background. This knowledge base, combined with the hands-on learning that this course provides, is making UMass Amherst the place to be for research based, inovative, creative and student-driven experiential learning in agriculture.

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UMAS is a visual signaling system for ROV, Diving and Cranes operations, associated to a signaling light system of the vessel’s DP mode state.

It clearly indicates the condition of the equipment during the operations and it passes on reliable information.

Thanks to this device, staff, especially the staff with responsibilities, can be informed from the wheelhouse, the engine office, clients offices, cafeterias, crew quarters and cabins, of whether a ROV and/or a Sat Dive is upwelling on the deck as well as of the DP alarm signals (green, blue, yellow and red).

UMAS is useful to MPSV, Drill ships and oilrigs.

UMAS is:

  • LEDs display panels, located in common areas, operations offices, cabins and cranes, which give information about the equipment operation mode

  • local control panels, placed in ROV and Sat Dive operations offices,  on which the operating mode is chosen and the DP alarm is validated; in cranes too in order to know when they are operating

  • one main panel in the wheelhouse, to give the “green light” to ROV and Sat Dive operations control offices, and which displays the state of the DP alarm system and the acknowledgements from the different operations offices simultaneously

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2016 marks the 10th season of the UMass Student Farming Enterprise program here at UMass. SFE began in the fall of 2007 with two students growing a quarter acre of kale and broccoli through an independent study. In spring 2008, it was established as a year-long class - spring and fall, with a summer farming component. It has been developed and taught by vegetable specialists Ruth Hazzard and Amanda Brown.

As UMass student farmers, we commit to providing our campus community with nutritious, organically grown, local produce. We cultivate student empowerment through hands-on agricultural production and by educating our peers about the importance of creating a healthier food system.