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Under Armour has come a long way since then.

It was originally an artificial town constructed for the convenience of the miners of Pyrite. Instead of having to commute between Pyrite and the mine each day, the workers assigned to dig in the mine would stay in The Under instead. When the mine closed, the miners chose to remain in their adopted home. Now, most of The Under is populated by the descendants of the original mining crew. The original inhabitants that still live in The Under are quite old, but are fond of telling stories of when the mine was in its prime.

The Under (Japanese: アンダー ) is a subterranean city situated directly beneath in southwest . It can be reached in three ways: via an elevator in the , , or a mine shaft not far to the west of Pyrite. The Under is home to two Colosseums: and . The city is mostly pro- apart from a few citizens, most notably the anti-Cipher network. It only appears in . It is connected to the by The Under Subway.

The following post is sponsored by on behalf of Under Armour.

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Jordan Spieth, , is sponsored by Under Armour.

The terms were not make public, but according the sources of CNBC the deal was bigger than the $1 million dollar deal signed by Reggie Bush with Adidas in 2006. Under Armour is expected to produce a collection of Cam Newton Auburn items, which will include jerseys, along with football and training gear, as well as a signature shoe line.

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