Bli först att boken Under the Shadow of Nationalism.

Hidden under the shadow of his wing

Under the Shadow of the Almighty

Too low to display

under the shadow of their corporate sponsor

Jazla woke up suddenly and looked around. A small, feeble candle was lightening its surroundings and was about to end. Mariyam, two weeks ago brought a few small candles on her birthday. She also brought two pastries which she joined together and it became a handsome cake. Jazla was fond of celebrating her birthday and used to remind her mother a week before the birthday. Her father, Siraj Ahmed used to bring gifts for jazla. This birthday celebration was different as Siraj was not with them. Both Jazla and Mariyam were missing him and were shedding tears while recollecting the beautiful memories. She took jazla into her arms. It was a birthday celebration under the shadow of tears. Our smiles do not always contain happiness and joyous moments while we smile and laugh in the moments of happiness.

In the streets of violence, love comes from the heavens but is snatched by the brutal forces of human hands. The streets of violence are the markets of cruelty where there is all day dealing with cries, smiles in cries and uncertain knockings with uncertain consequences. These are the places where there is a departure of arrivals and the arrival of departures. She slept under the shadow of thoughts.

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Today, after eight long years Jazla was getting ready for her engagement with a young feudal lord. “Our feudal lords are good enough to live in peace while the poor suffer from the horrible realities of brutality.” She thought. Mariyam often used to think that Jazla dreamed of getting married to a rich person. She also used to tell her stories about kings and queens to make her happy under the shadow of tears. When Mariyam was breathing her last, she asked Jazla to remember her whenever she would go to parties and in the joyous moments as she had also been a dreamer of these moments which her daughter was going to have.

Some time ago, during my quiet time alone with God, the Holy Spirit gave me a mental picture (a vision) of what it looks like to be hidden under the shadow of God’s wings.