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Use the Right Word: Modern Guide to Synonyms and Related Words


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This book aims to develop English Language Skills among students and all those who likes to develop their English Language by helping them to use the right word at the appropriate time. A great companion for all those who would liek to master the English Language. It is needless to say that it helps in scoring high marks in English subjects and elevates you later when you appear for job interviews.

It’s not enough to have the right stuff. Your resume must deliver a marketing message that grabs attention. Use the right words, and your message hits its target. If you’re phone isn’t ringing with offers for interviews, you probably aren’t using the right words.

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HE RIGHT WORD AT THE RIGHT TIME will help you become a precision communicator by mastering the ability to use the right words every time! This is your best tool to help you navigate and expertly diffuse the minefield that is the English Language.
Hardcover • 688 pages • 232mm x 174mm

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