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The United States Medical Licensing Examination ..

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USMLE Step 2 CS Prep: Pass Your USMLE Step 2 CS Exam

The USMLE Step 2CS exam consists of a series of patient encounters in which the examinee must see (SPs), take a history, do a physical examination, determine differential diagnoses, and then write a patient note based on their determinations. The topics covered are common outpatient or visits which are encountered in the fields of internal medicine, surgery, psychiatry, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology. Examinees are expected to investigate the simulated patient's chief complaint, as well as obtain a thorough assessment of their past medical history, medications, allergies, social history (including alcohol, tobacco, drug use, sexual practices, etc.), and family history. Usually, examinees have one telephone encounter, speaking to an SP through a microphone during which there is no physical exam component.

This practical exam is administered on a year round basis, in order to book your place for USMLE Step 2CS, visit and see the schedules for the different test centers.