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So, overall a very good graphic novel, the only drawback being that the world created had SO MUCH potential that I felt there should have been much more done in this universe and with this plotline, so was disappointed when the novel ended. I'd love to see more from this pair, and even if you've seen the movie, I'd definitely suggest reading the novel."}">

Publishers, librarians, educators, and author-illustrators all believe graphic novels are here to stay. “All ages are reading them,” Volin says, “from kindergartners just learning to read to adults who include them as part of their reading diet. For kids today, graphic novels are not a newfangled thing, or something you read to rebel against your parents. These kids have never known a world without graphic novels.”

on by dc who released a pastel colored v for vendetta graphic novel

Based on Alan Moore's graphic novel, V for Vendetta is set where the government have complete control over the population, banning certain books , music etc. A mysterious freedom fighter known as V who wears a mask and costume based on Guy fawkes uses terrorist actions to try to bring down the government and restore freedom. "Always remember the 5th of November"

V for Vendetta graphic novel
Alan Moores original masterpiece, V for vendetta the graphic novel
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V for Vendetta the movie starring Natalie Portman, based on Alan Moore's graphic novel
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V for Vendetta
This graphic novel has actually been voted as the best dystopian classic. The work that inspired the excellent movie goes much deeper than its silver screen progeny; it was one of the big three, along with The Watchmen (also written by Vendetta‘s author, Alan Moore) and The Dark Knight Returns, that moved the graphic novel solidly into the realm of mature audiences. That much is clear from the very first scene: Vendetta deals beautifully (and sometimes, brutally) with the threats to individual freedoms that misaligned governments can and have turned against their people, with drastic effect.

V depicts a mysterious anarchist, a cloaked figure with a Guy Fawkes mask.

The story starts in London, November 5 1997 when V rescues the young Evey Hammond from a gang of police agents. Set in a near future Britain after a limited nuclear war leaves the world to almost complete destruction.

The fascist party, Norsefire, a totalitarian government has risen to claim all power and rule. V, bearing the anarchist character begins and elaborates violent and theatrical campaign to bring Norsefire down.

Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd, V for Vendetta comic book series originally appeared in black and white. It is a unique superhero comics published by Quality comics, then later on by DC who released a pastel colored V for Vendetta graphic novel.