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V (1983 miniseries) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I was 5 years old when the series premiered on television. It was the biggest and to me, the greatest science fiction show ever made! More than 20 years have pasted, and still, to a degree, the show remains strong. Even though the special effects are now considered lame and at times funny, the show in itself was a giant milestone for network history. The Beastmaster, Marc Singer is the poster child for early 80's cool. Richard Hatch must have asked for too much money. You could not of had movies like Independence Day if V wasn't made. Today, video shelves have the original 3 hour mini series with a separate tape, "the final battle." The following year has not yet been made available for the public.

Faye Grant as Juliet Parrish and Jane Badler as Diana in V The Original Miniseries a two-part science fiction television miniseries, written and directed by Kenneth Johnson.

V (1984 TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • afgeneral31

    I played the demo at the Nintendo Experience this past Saturday. This video does an excellent job in showing the differences between the Gamecube and WiiU version. I love the haze (humidity) and brightness. It really reminds me of the atmosphere near the SE US coastal areas. I played the Outset Island demo which was just the first 10 minutes of the game up to rescuing Tetra in the forest.

    • Edward_Valo

      For a person that owns the orignal game on the Gamecube but has never played it,
      would you recommend the new WWHD or play the original instead?

      • Zelda_Styles10

        It really depends on what system you have. I have beaten the original but, WW and WWHD are one in the same apart from graphics. So either one. It's a great game either way. =D

  • "V: The Series" Original Opening Titles - YouTube

    The idea of having the original Diana show her scaly face on V was first heard last fall when executive producer Scott Peters told Sci-Fi Wire that Badler had "approached our producers and has been in touch here and there." At the time the show had just gotten started filming and Peters was just starting to throw around ideas of having some of the original V stars appear on the new version, perhaps in a part that was a complete reversal than the character they played in the '80s show. "It's either a really ironic role for them, based on what their old role was, or just something really fun or interesting," Peters told the site. "I want them to have fun doing it. I want the fans to be excited about it. And I think it's just a fun thing to be able to tip your hat to the old show."

    With the prequels just about finished tying into the original trilogy, certain fates were inevitable. At this point in Episode III, you could only guess that in a close-corners battle of the Emperor (who obviously lives throughout the original trilogy) vs. a Jedi master like Mace Windu, the Emperor would come out on top. The battle had a very dark, gut-wrenching tone to it, and it was still shocking to see Windu’s fate. Of course, had the arrogant Anakin not showed up to help finish the job, things may have been different. But again…continuity.