Ruins at Ujjain, said to have been the native town of Varamihira

Ruins at Ujjain, said to have been the native town of Varamihira

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Of course, Hindu astrologers also have a kaalachakra system too, but it is kind of different and has various different ayanamshas. No one is quite clear what the starting point is. Some mention Spica at the end of sidereal Virgo, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn fixed on the star Regulus, while Varamihira, the “father” of Indic astrology based it on a star in Rohini which seems to have blanked out. And scholarship has shown that although Varahamihira’s astrology retains some Indian heritage, much of it seemed to based on astrologers attached to Alexander the Great’s invasion into the East. My own book on sidereal astrology – – still appears to be extant.

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  • Brahatsahita of Varamihira (5c BC) refers to pearls from Sri Lanka as Simhalaka
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    Appendix 7: Varamihira's natural indicators for water sources
    1500 years ago, Varahamihira in his 'Brihad Samhita' listed methods of detecting underground water sources, accessing water in rocky soils, and flood prevention. These indicators of determining underground water are listed in this chapter.

    He also calculated the position of the planets according to trigonometry and discovered the real cause of linear and solar eclipses the circumference of the earth based on speculation. Varamihira stated that the moon rotates around the earth and the moon rotes around the sun.