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Veronika Decides to Die: A Novel of Redemption


Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho

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The story centers on Veronika, a woman in her mid twenties who appears to have everything: good looks, good job and a great life ahead of her. Yet she decides to end her own life. She is unsuccessful and awakens in a mental hospital where she learns that she has five days to live. We learn that the reason that she attempted suicide was that she felt so constrained by the rules and expectations of 'normal' society that she had concluded that she had experienced all that life had to offer. However in the hospital she meets people who are only 'insane' because they don't always follow society's rules. With little left to lose, Veronika embarks on a journey on which she frees herself to experience relationships and emotions and ultimately discovers what it means to live.

This poignant international bestseller by the author of The Alchemist takes readers on a quest to find meaning in a culture overshadowed by angst, soulless routine, and pervasive conformity. Based on events in Coelho's own life, Veronika Decides to Die questions the meaning of madness and celebrates individuals who do not fit into patterns society considers to be normal. Bold and illuminating, it is a dazzling portrait of a young woman at the crossroads of despair and liberation, and a poetic, exuberant appreciation of each day as a renewed opportunity.

Veronika Decides To Die, Paulo Coelho

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  • Title: Veronika Decides to Die (2009)

    The titular character of this drama adapted from a best-selling novel by Paulo Coelho has been weighing her decision for a long time, as Veronika Decides to Die is only now getting a limited theatrical release and VOD run several years after playing the festival circuit. Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and an uncommonly fine supporting cast including David Thewlis, Melissa Leo, Barbara Sukowa and Erika Christensen, the film directed by Emily Young is dead on arrival.

    Veronika decides to die was something else from Paulo Coelho. This book has less metaphors and to be hones so much simpler than the other books. Physically, it is less thicker than the other novel by Paulo Coelho so that I believe many people could use this book as a starter book for beginner reader.
    Veronika was a young girl who has everything in this life but she felt loneliness and emptiness inside her. After a long time in sorrowful situation, Veronika decides to end up her life by taking pills. She was able to be saved and be kept in a mad house where then, she learned lots of thing about life.
    With less metaphors and difficult terms, this book was easier for me to understand. The story was written in a very usual way and I think it was kind of different from the other books.
    But still, I love this book so much since I couldn't sto reading this book from the first time I read it. Some people might like this book better than the other Coelho's work because it is easier to be understood. But for me, to be honest, this is not my favorite.