[/caption]The volume of the Moon is about 21.9 billion cubic kilometers.

So the volume of the moon would be:

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The moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth. The moon takes about 27 days, 7 hours, and 43 minutes to complete one revolution of its elliptical orbit around the Earth. The moon is 384,400 km (238,857 miles) away from the Earth. It moves around the Earth at an average speed of 3700 km/h (2300 mph). Luna, better known as the moon, is only one-fourth the size of the Earth, having a diameter of 3,476 km (2,318 miles); which is less than the distance across the United States. The volume of the moon is about 1/50 of the Earth. The Earth and its moon could be considered twin planets compared to huge planet like Jupiter and Saturn, which are 40 or 50 times larger than their biggest moons. The moon's mass is about 0.012 times that of the Earth (7.35 × 1022 kg). The moon's gravity is one-sixth that of the Earth. This explains why astronauts are unable to walk on the moon as they do on the Earth.

The volume of the Moon is 2.195 x 1010 km3. That sounds like a huge number, but it’s actually only 2% the volume of the Earth. In other words, you could fit 50 moons inside the volume of the Earth.

The Moon is Earth's only permanent natural satellite

Earth's moon is the brightest object in our night sky

Does that sound like a lot? For comparison, the volume of the Earth is 1 trillion cubic kilometers. In other words, the volume of the Moon is only 2% the volume of the Earth.