What can we learn from volume patterns between 1996 and 2010?

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The answer to the question above is yes. In simplified terms, it appears as if volume patterns have shifted from favoring declining issues earlier in 2016 to favoring rising issues currently.

esterday I wrote about the volume pattern not confirming the price advance. I used as an example. You can spot the same divergence with the S&P 500. Ideally you want volume to confirm a price advance. Actually the S&P 500 chart below is sending two messages corroborating the non-confirmation:

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Area and Volume Formulas

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From : Technical analysis of long-term volume trends paint a bullish (but certainly not fool-proof) picture of where equities markets are going.

is based on company performance and is used to determine which stock to buy. is based on price and is used to determine when to buy. are primarily looking for entry and exit price points, and volume levels provide clues about where the best entry and are located.