Samuel Walter Phelps about 20 years old circa 1865

King, Charles I : a Study / by Walter Phelps Dodge

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Walter MillerPhelps September 30, 1896

Council Delegate Walter Phelps meets with the Army Corp of Engineers on the Winslow Levee project. The Winslow Levee project will help the flood conditions in the Navajo County areas as well as surrounding areas.

BIRDSPRINGS- On May 10, 2014 Council Delegate Walter Phelps attended the Memorial event honoring Stg. Christopher Neil Gonzales who died in Iraq. Stg. Gonzales was from Birdsprings, AZ and died at age 25. The event also honored many fallen Warriors and active Military members.

Samuel Walter Phelps about 20 years old circa 1865

Samuel Walter Phelps about 30 years old circa 1875

Council Delegate Walter Phelps urged Speaker Tobin to work collaboratively with Navajo leaders to fully establish and implement a 911 response system for the Navajo Nation.

By the year 1870, Samuel Walter Phelps was living in Missouri, moved there the same time his brother Fountain Turner Phelps and wife HenriettaWright with their two sons Loren and Grant.