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With author studies, students learn to compare and contrast themes, analyze text and illustrations, and make connections between an author's life and his/her work and between the author's work and the reader's own life and work.

Ireland’s Biggest Ever Children’s Author Tour in celebration of World Book Day 2014!
We ‘♥’ Books is the biggest tour of its kind ever to take place in Ireland. Over the course of five days, an intrepid team of twelve authors will strike-out across the country to share their love of books and enthuse school audiences with a passion for reading. Funded by the Arts Council, the tour will visit five regional venues, each hosting a unique line-up of best-selling and award-winning Irish writers, comic artists and illustrators. These events will see participating authors celebrate their favourite books and explore how their own work has been influenced by these titles. There will also be the chance to take a closer look at what it takes to be a writer, the future of books and what it means to be a young reader in the digital age. Plus, there will be plenty of opportunity for those attending to ask their own questions and even learn how to draw like the professionals!

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  • It seems to me the difference id one of relation: if I write something, I’m a writer. If you write something, you’re an author. Both imply the originating and creative processes. I think it’s similar to the process of putting paint on canvas: I say I’m a painter: you say I’m an artist. It’s a question of relative perspective.

    • Thank you so much !

      Nice deference between author and writer , thanks for clarification!

      I’am writer I hope to be author in one day

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    The author named on the application should be the person or organization responsible for the compilation of the serial issue and any individual contributions which were authored by the person or organization listed. If the contributions and/or compilation were works made for hire, the employer is considered the legal author of that compilation and/or those contributions that were prepared as works made for hire. In such a case, you should not list the individual employee for hire as an “author.”

    The Guild advocates for authors on issues of copyright, fair contracts, free speech and tax fairness, and has initiated lawsuits in defense of authors’ rights, where necessary. We represent authors on the Hill, in state legislatures, and in government agencies. Recently, we have fought in several major court battles to protect authors’ copyrights, including our lawsuits against Google Books and HathiTrust, and we have worked to establish fair royalty rates for both e-books and print books. Learn more about some of our .