We Beat the Street: How a Friendship Led to Successby Sampson Davis

We Beat the Street: How a Friendship Pact Led to Success


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I've heard of many streets that involved many crimes, and the toughest streets of Newark, New Jersey is where the three kids in We Beat the Street grew up. The setting of this nonfiction story is just like the real world, it brings in normal crimes that would happen today. Some neighborhoods are very wealthy and rich, but some are also like the ones in the book. These streets include drug use and gang violence everyday, and the three kids had to grow up surviving these exact streets.

In We Beat the Street , award-winning YA author and teacher Sharon Draper brings the doctors' childhood, teenage, and young-adult anecdotes vividly to life. Brief "conversations" with the doctors at the end of each chapter provide context and advice in a friendly, nonintrusive way. Youngsters will be captivated by the men's honest accounts of the street life that threatened to swallow them up, and how they helped each other succeed beyond their wildest expectations.

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We are excited to bring to our readers, We Beat the Street, our first children’s book ever! Similar to The Pact, We Beat the Street details our inspirational story of how we overcame obstacles and became doctors. Geared towards a younger audience, middle school and young adults, We Beat the Street offers instructional, dramatic dialogue through detailed life experiences.

Each chapter is followed by a one on one conversation where we offer advice on how to deal and overcome real life obstacles. We speak candidly and openly on ways to navigate challenging roads to achieve success. Throughout the book are pictures for the reader to enjoy, illustrating our lives. We Beat the Street is a powerful, inspirational, much needed story that offers hope to individuals from all walks of life.